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Revolutionize your broadcasting workflow with NEP Sweden's state-of-the-art Remote Operation Centres (ROC), designed to streamline production, reduce carbon footprint, and bring advanced connectivity to the world of broadcasting.

READ how we answered the demand for connected production with OUR REMOTE OPERATION CENTRES (ROC)

LOCATIONS across sweden

Due to the unique geographic landscape of Sweden, NEP Sweden has strategically implemented a decentralized solution for our Remote Operations Centres (ROC), enabling us to maintain seamless connectivity without the need for extensive travel between different venues. This innovative approach ensures that our team members can collaborate and work efficiently from their respective locations to bridge the geographical gaps.

environmentally focused

A big goal was to keep the carbon footprint and the global environment in focus. NEP Sweden came up with smart engineering solutions to repurpose equipment to serve the ROC ecosystem.


Remote Operation Centres can handle production formats from HD to UHD/HDR. The core of the workflow is SMPTE 2110 which handles dynamic and format scaling. SMPTE 2110 aligns with the future as it opens the interconnectivity possibilities between other NEP facilities around the globe.

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our remote operation centres

The heart of ROC is in a secure environment in Stockholm and is the central hub for 3different production hubs throughout Sweden.



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