Spånga - S1


NEP Studios Spånga
Fagerstagatan 21 163 53 Spånga
Stockholm, Sweden


Key facts

L/W/H: 30 m/54 m/9 m
Area: 1615 m2

Studio S1 is the largest studio in Sweden, offering 1615 m2 floorspace with 9 meter high ceiling. By allowing for more than 50 000 kg loading capability, complex lighting and PA rigs can be mounted in the ceiling. A total 800 A 380 V power is available, shared between the studios.

Studio 1 is approved for up to 1 600 people, making it great for productions with live audience.

All studios are connected to the Spånga control room.

All studios are sharing facilites for dressing rooms, production offices, crew room, storage, loading docks and cloak rooms.

The facility are protected by perimeter alarm system, together with a keyless passage system with logging functions. Fire alarm with direct connection to local fire department covers all facilities.

Insurance is held by NEP Sweden Studios and operations are covered by an NEP Worldwide Network insurance policy.


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